FastBack Motor 54 Retainer System

$ 31.00

FastBack 54 Motor Retainer System

Our snap ring style retainer is made from 6061-T6 aluminum and has an anodized coating.  It is designed to work with CTI, Aero Tech, and Loki motors, adapters and most snap ring style cases (includes single use and reloadable). The retainer includes a snap ring, shim and spacer to allow you to fly most available motor hardware.

54P = 2.280" fits: MAC Performance Rocketry, Giant Leap Phenolic, Hawk Mountain, Performance Rocketry Fiberglass, PML Phenolic and others

The retainer will require 1/2" exposed motor tube.  We recommend you  install your retainer with J-B Weld.  The motor tube will need to be prepped with 80 grit sand paper and cleaned with acetone or lacquer thinner to promote adhesion.  DO NOT use alcohol or any “cleaner” that will leave a petroleum residue.

The FastBack 54 retainer includes:

  • 54mm 6061-T6 anodized aluminum retainer
  • 316 stainless steel snap ring (no pliers needed)
  • .050" 6061-T6 aluminum shim
  • .375" tall 6061-T6 aluminum spacer

    For CTI and Aero Tech hardware use .050" shim and snap ring.

    Loki and some other snap ring style hardware use .375" tall spacer and snap ring.

     Additional hardware: Snap ring, shim and spacer can be purchased separately $8.00.