MAC Performance Rocketry

What’s in Your Rocket?

MAC Performance Rocketry’s new line of high-power rocket kits centered around the latest in airframe technology and innovation. Our kits are designed from a desire to fly something else.

We will be attending the Champlain Region Model Rocketry Club (CRMRC) monthly launch on July 21st.  If you wish to place an order for pickup at the field use promo code: CRMRC  at checkout.  Deadline for kit orders is July 16th.  Everything else July 19th.  See you at the field!

"We now have Black Fly T-Shirts! 

Our missile collection series has a new addition:
The 4" Pluto SLAM.... check it out!   


We manufacture and offer a wide variety of mid and high power rocketry kits and accessories.  Our canvas phenolic airframes are currently available in 54mm, 3.0" and 3.9" diameter with an industry standard wall thickness of .063". The tubes are convolute wound with a smooth finish. They are strong, waterproof, and will fly Mach+ with no additional reinforcing. 

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We are proud to carry products from the following Manufacturers:

Aero Pack Retainers, BSI Epoxy, Jolly Logic, Missile Works, Rocketman Parachutes, RocketPoxy G5000, Top Flight Recovery Products & Wildman FWFG Nosescones

Video and Flight Courtesy of Coleman Merchant, Branchburg, NJ