Aero Pack Quick-Change Motor Retainers

$ 24.00

Complete retainer assemblies for bonding to paper, phenolic or fiberglass motor mount tubes.  Retainers with P fit our canvas.  L2 retainer fits G12 glass.

RA29P - Retainer Assembly, 29mm            $24.00

RA38P - Retainer Assembly, 38mm            $26.00 

RA54P - Retainer Assembly, 54mm            $32.00 (See FastBack 54 also as option)

RA75P - Retainer Assembly, 75mm            $51.00

Complete retainer assemblies incorporating a flange for direct attachment to lower centering ring.  Each assembly includes threaded inserts an stainless steel socket head screws (6 ea for 54mm and 12 ea for 75mm).

RA54 - Retainer Assembly, 54mm
             (3.00"minimum airframe inside diameter)      $40.00

RA75 - Retainer Assembly, 75mm
             (3.90"minimum airframe inside diameter)      $65.00


Reference list for fit to other tube suppliers and type:
38P = Madcow paper, PML & GLR phenolic, Hawk Mt, Madcow & Performance Rocketry figerglass
54P = PML & GLR phenolic, Hawk Mt & Performance Rocketry fiberglass
75P = BlueTube, PML & GLR phenolic, Hawk Mt & Performance Rocketry fiberglass