Pour-n-Fill Poly

$ 39.95

POUR-N-FILL POLY is a closed cell rigid material used for flotation devices, filling voids and insulation applications. It is excellent for architectural castings, support applications, and has virtually an unlimited number of potential uses.

It is a two part expandable liquid. Our formula is a 4 lb density meaning, a 12" x 12" x 12" cubic foot of cured product weighs 4 lbs. That's enough foam to complete multiple projects adding minimum weight and maximum structural support. Expansion is approximately 15 to 20 times its liquid state. The Polyurethane foam is excellent for filling the voids of your booster between the motor mount/fincan and airframe. This process eliminates the need for extensive inner fillets and adds minimum weight and provides a structurally rigid core. Expanding foam is also excellent for turning your Pinnacle nosecone into a light weight and extremely strong alternative to fiberglass.

In temperatures below 80 degrees F curing time will be affected as well as expansion rate reduced. You will get much better expansion results in temperatures above 80 degrees F. Temperatures above 95 degrees F may result in a quicker reaction time. Always test a small batch in your conditions if there is any doubt in how the foam will expand.

MIXING: It is a good idea to have graduated or identical containers available to insure a proper mixture of the components. After pouring equal parts of Component A and Component B together, you should mix thoroughly for 20 to 25 seconds, after which you will have approximately 20 seconds to pour the product before the foam starts to expand. Generally 30 minutes after mixing, the foam will be fully expanded. This would be the appropriate time to re-coat if another pour is necessary.

STORAGE: For maximum shelf life, Components A and B should be stored in tightly sealed containers at temperatures between 60-75 degrees F.  A minimum shelf life of 3 months can be achieved under these conditions.

PACKAGING: The foam kits are sold by weight, not volume, so the cans are not filled to the top. The part B component can sometimes pressurize inside the can and needs extra air space for the gas to pressurize.

One Quart Kit - $39.95
1 - Pint Component A, 1 - Pint Component B 
(May be slightly less to allow for expansion.)

 It is the end user's responsibility to determine whether our product is suitable for his/her intended use and assumes all risks and liability in connection therewith.  No warranty or representation express or implied shall apply to this product.