Scorpion XL - 54mm Diameter

$ 160.00

This kit is now being made in the new XX phenolic airframe.

The XL comes with a 5:1 FWFG-VK nosecone, 38mm motor mount and a 28" long booster to accommodate your favorite 6XL 38mm motors.


Dual Deploy                      
Length: 56.5"  
Motor Mount: 38mm                                 
Approximate Weight: 32 oz                                   
H through J motors                                      

 Content of Kit:

  • XX phenolic 28" slotted booster/16" payload 
  • Phenolic motor tube [38mm x 12"]  
  • Wildman 54mm 5:1 filament wound fiberglass Von Karman nosecone
  • (4) 1/8" canvas phenolic beveled fins
  • 1/4" fore C ring with integrated shock cord attachment system 
    that includes 1/4" tubular Kevlar booster harness
  • 1/4" mid C ring
  • 3/8" aft thrust ring with 38mm motor mount
  • 6" long XX phenolic coupler
  • 3/16" canvas phenolic bulkheads with machined step to engage coupler (includes eye bolts)
  • (2) aluminum 3/16" all thread rods with hardware
  • 1 7/8" x 5" 3-D printed sled
  • 54mm x 3/4" switch band 

Kits include all necessary hardware and assembly instructions. (Does not include motor retainer)

 Recommended Accessories:
Aero Pack RA38P - Retainer Assembly 

Wildman FWFGVK Nosecone Bay Kit 

Wildman FWFGVK Nosecone Electronics Bay Kit 

54mm 4 fin jig 

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