BLACK FLY - 54mm Diameter

$ 74.95

Original concept by Michael Pitfield, Toronto, Canada.


Single Deploy                    
Length: 28 inches        
Center of Pressure 19.16"                        
Motor Mount: 29mm                                    
Approximate Weight: 14 oz                                   
F through H motors                                    

 Content of Kit:

  • 16" canvas phenolic airframe
  • 29mm x 6" kraft phenolic motor tube
  • 5:1 Pinnacle nosecone -- 10.5" exposed
  • (5) 1/8" canvas phenolic beveled fins
  • 1/4" fore C ring with integrated shock cord attachment system that includes 1/8" tubular Kevlar booster harness
  • 3-D printed tailcone (black)

Kit includes all necessary hardware and assembly instructions. (Does not include motor retainer)

Note:  You can upgrade your kit with a Wildman filament wound fiberglass Von Karman nosecone.

Recommended Accessories:
Aero Pack RA29P - Retainer Assembly, 29mm 

Nosecone Bay Kit 

54mm 5 fin jig 

Top Flight X-Type Parachute 18"