Nosecone Electronics Avbay Kits for Wildman FWFG-VK

$ 26.00

54mm, 3.0" & 3.9" Wildman FWFG-VK Nosecone Electronics Bay Kits for HED:

The altimeter/electronic bays include 3-D printed electronics board.  The bulkheads have a step cut in the OD to provide a precision fit, and all this is held together with aluminum all thread rods, and hardware.  This kit will allow you to configure your electronics for HED (head end deployment).

Note: The kit includes all the components in our altimeter bay kit except the coupler (coupler included with nosecone).

54mm Electronics Bay Kit - $22.00
3.0" Electronics Bay Kit - $26.00
3.9" Electronics Bay Kit - $32.00