6" Super Black Fly

$ 650.00

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Dual Deploy/HED
Length: 84 inches
Motor Mount: 75mm 
Approximate Weight: 16 lbs 
K through N motors
Kit Cost:  $650.00/with Upgrade Aluminum Thrust Plate $710.00  
Contents of Kit:

  • 48" Wildman filament wound fiberglass airframe (including switchband)
  • 75mm x 20" canvas phenolic motor tube
  • 5:1 Wildman FWFG-VK nosecone with 12” fiberglass coupler -- 35" exposed (includes 3/8” tubular Kevlar bridle for HED)
  • Head End Deploy includes: canvas phenolic bulkplates, 3-D printed altimeter board with dual battery boxes and all necessary hardware (U-bolts, threaded rods, etc.)
  • (5) 3/16" canvas phenolic beveled fins
  • ¼” canvas phenolic forward center ring with dual U-bolts
  • 3/16” canvas phenolic mid and rear centering rings
  • ¼” canvas phenolic thrust plate (optional aluminum thrust plate available)
  • Molded fiberglass tailcone

Kit does not include motor retainer.

 Recommended Accessories:

  • Aero Pack RA75 Motor Retainer 
  • 18x18" ProTec Chute Protector 
  • Fin Jigs are available - $18.50 each (they have to ship separately because of the size dimension will not fit in kit box)

NOTE:  Because of the weight of this kit and packaging, it averages around 22lbs to ship w/o added accessories.  Our website will not have the correct shipping costs included when you order.  We apologize, but will contact you with the additional charges for shipping this kit.

PHOTO OF MIKE'S SUPER BLACK FLY ON ITS WAY TO 14,680' on a CTI M2020 (Photo Courtesy of Jim Livingston, NC)

Congratulations to George Barnes, CO on a successful Level 3 flight with his 6" Super Black Fly and thanks again for the video!  He flew his rocket on an Aerotech M1297 to an altitude of 10,315 feet and 600 mph!