Canvas & XX Phenolic Airframe Tube

$ 70.95

Canvas Phenolic Airframe:

54mm x 57" canvas phenolic airframe - $70.95 

3.0" x 57" canvas phenolic airframe - $83.95 

3.9" x 57" canvas phenolic airframe - $93.95 

XX Phenolic Airframe:

54mm x 54" XX phenolic airframe - $75.95 

3.0" x 54" XX phenolic airframe - $88.95 

Fin Slotting - $5.00 per slot in airframe 

Due to the length of the canvas or the XX phenolic, additional shipping charges may be incurred.  We will contact you before shipping if this applies.  If you know the finished length you need, we will cut the tube to your specifications at no charge.  This will allow us to ship your tubes at a more reasonable rate.  Fin slotting is also available at $5.00 per slot.  Go to our Contact page and send us an e-mail with your request.  

FYI:  We recommend you use a "sharp" 60 tooth carbide blade and "cut slowly", if you plan to cut your own tube.

Our canvas phenolic airframes come in a standard length of 57 inches.  This eliminates the need to buy multiple tubes in most applications.  All 54mm, 3.0" and 3.9" diameter airframe have a wall thickness of .063". The first thing you will notice is the lack of spiral groves. The tubes are convolute wound with a smooth finish.  They cut, drill and sand like wood, and accept epoxy very well.  They are strong, waterproof, thermally stable, and half the weight of fiberglass.  

Our tubes will fly Mach+ right out of the box with no additional reinforcing!