Altimeter Bay Kits

$ 33.95

Altimeter Bay Kits for 54mm, 3.0 & 3.9

Kits include canvas phenolic bulk plates and forged stainless steel eye nuts.  

The coupler/altimeter tubes are XX phenolic with a machined OD and a wall thickness of .075".  The altimeter bays include a 3-D printed board.  The canvas phenolic bulk plates have a step cut in the OD to provide a precision fit. Our 3.0 & 3.9 kits are held together with 1/4" aluminum all thread rods and include 1" switch band.  The 54mm kit uses 3/16" aluminum all thread rods and 5/8" switch band.  Avbay kits include forged stainless steel eye nuts.

54mm x 6" long -- $33.95
3.0 x 8" long -- $40.45
3.9 x 10" long -- $44.95

AvBay Board Adapters -- $5.00

Note:  Altimeter Bay Kits are sized to fit our airframes.