5:1 Pinnacle Nosecones

$ 17.50

Pinnacle nosecones molded in high-impact plastic. 

Pinnacle nosecones are available in 54mm (2.15"), 3.0" & 3.9"      

Base on 54mm accepts 3/16" eye bolt.  Base on 3" and 3.9" accepts 1/4" eye bolt.  

54mm (2.15") 5-to-1 exposed lenghth of 10.5" with a 3" shoulder

3.0" 5-to-1 exposed length of 15.25" with a 4.5" shoulder

3.9" 5-to-1 exposed length of 19.8" with a 5.75" shoulder

Tech Tips:

On the inside -- Fill the inside of your nosecone with two-part expandable foam.   It fills the cavity and applies equal pressure to make the cone super rigid.  The walls of the cones are designed especially with this in mind.

On the outside -- To prep for exterior coating, wash the nosecose with warm soapy water, let dry, and then apply rubbing alcohol with dustless rag.  After the alcohol is completely dry and evaporated, apply a plastic paint-prep spray available from your auto parts store.  Then finish with your color of choice.