New Products to check out:


We're excited to release of our new line of XX phenolic airframe in 54mm and 3.0".  It will be available in limited quantities and on select high power kits (or by request to upgrade for a slight charge). The XX phenolic airframe is lighter, stronger, dimensionally consistent and has excellent static balance. It also has an extremely smooth OD like fiberglass. Of course, we will continue to carry our signature Canvas phenolic.

Just how strong is this stuff? Conway Stevens from Northern Colorado has flown a piece of our 54mm to 27,700 and Mach 3.1 on a shake down flight with a K375 Dual Thrust (not quite a full K) for his "K" record attempt which took place at NSL Memorial day weekend in Alamosa Colorado. You can check out his post on TRF

I would also like to thank the rest of our Beta testers for their time and efforts. It's their work that helps to bring great products to our hobby!!

Rocket Statistics: 54mm minimum diameter 25 oz before motor with everything in it. Using MAC Performance Rocketry XX phenolic airframe parts and coupler, fiberglass nose cone, HED, recovery by Spherachutes with ultralight chute. Fins are MAC Performance Rocketry canvas phenolic. Motor is Aerotech K250, electronics are Blue Raven and Featherweight tracker. Flight attempt at Alamosa Colorado over Memorial Day weekend (2023) at the National Sport Launch. Projected RasAero sims 31 to 32k ft agl. Previous test flight on a different platform that was larger and longer with smaller motor was 27,762.


"It was an epic great time. Had lots of fun. I learned a ton. I did not beat the record but did have a really great flight. The data for the flight was close to Mach 3, (2.998) at a altitude of 31,374 ft AGL. I recovered less than a mile away roughly 5,000ft. Winds aloft were 50mph at FL300. Ground winds were 2mph. The current record by Curt Von Delius is 31,643."

New Rocket Kits:

3" Altair - Level One Certification Kit for $99.95 -- Great for new flyer!

4" Tszirkon - 6 fin HED, 54mm, with Wildman nosecone - $235.00

GIFT CERTIFICATES:   Gift certificates are available for that special rocket person's (birthday, anniversary, holiday, etc.). 

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