Launches we plan to attend in 2021:

METRA, Pine Island, NY
(Will be attending one of the two day launches for most months)

Mini Mid West Power, Princeton, Illinois - May 29 & 30 

CRMRC, St. Albans, Vermont -
July 17


Please contact us at if you want us to bring product to a launch. 

MINI MID WEST POWER:  Use Promo Code MINI21 for free shipping on delivery to the field.  We will not be setting up as a vendor, but will be happy to bring your orders to the field.

New Products to check out:

Want a 4" Bolt Missile to add to your MAC missile series?  You can now get one in canvas or fiberglass.  Listed in 4" Rockets.

Wildman Hobbies RECON Recovery Parachutes -- 30", 40" 50" & 60".  Find them in Recovery. 

MAC Performance Aluminum Thrust Plates 3.9" x 54mm & 75mm

Check out the new improved version of our 3FNC, easier assembly, Wildman nosecone ... INCREASED PERFORMANCE!

 GIFT CERTIFICATES:   Gift certificates are available for that special rocket person's (birthday, anniversary, holiday, etc.). 

SHIPPING POLICY:  We ship our products USPS. The majority of packages go Priority Mail when possible. Due to the cost of shipping in some areas, it takes a little longer with USPS Ground shipping w/insurance (if necessary). Since we can not individualize every order to each city and county where you may live, there is a standard cost for smaller items of less weight and a heavy shipping cost for the larger items in each state. We will continue to credit orders if the shipping cost exceeds our handling costs to ship to you. If you have any questions about shipping when placing an order, please email us and we will be happy to quote the exact cost to ship to your zone.