Nosecone Bay Kits for Molded Nosecones

$ 22.95

Adding a tracker or electronics bay to your molded nosecone just got a lot easier.  These kits are available for 3" or 4" nosecones.  The front rings of the bay assemblies are sized to fit the inside the notch of the nosecone where the shoulder meets the cone. The closure ring has a machined step that fits into the opposite end of the shoulder.  This creates a clamp on both ends of the nosecone shoulder to lock the bay assembly in place.

Do you have a project that requires additional nosecone weight?  Simply drill a hole in the pre-marked bulk plate and bolt it on the front of the bay.  No need to epoxy lead shot or ????? into your nosecone ever again.

The closure and nut are machined from ABS plastic and are virtually indestructible.  These bay kits are extremely light and durable.  These kits will fit most popular brand plastic nosecones (some sanding may be required).

3" - 38mm x 7" kit $22.95 

3" - 54mm x 7" kit $24.95

4" - 38mm x 7" kit $25.95

4" - 54mm x 7" kit $27.95