VTS-6 - 4" Diameter

$ 334.95

The VTS-6 is part of our Missile Collector Series.  (This kit is for the advanced builder, over 70 pieces).  

In 1983 LTV offered the VTS-6 (Vought Target System 6), a derivative of the ALVRJ/STM design, as its entry into the Navy's (Supersonic Low-Altitude Target) competition. The VTS-6 missile was essentially identical to the ALVRJ vehicle except for a slightly longer fuselage to accommodate additional target-specific equipment.


Length: 78 1/2 inches
Dual Deployment
Motor Mount: 54mm
Approximate Weight: 9.2 lbs.
Will fly on I through L motors

 Content of Kit:

  • 36" x 4" pre-slotted canvas phenolic booster tube (includes 11” section of FWFG at top of booster)
  • 20" x 4" canvas phenolic payload tube
  • 54mm phenolic motor tube
  • 5:1 Pinnacle nosecone -- 19 1/2" exposed/optional fiberglass nosecone
  • (4) 3/16" canvas phenolic beveled fins
  • (4) Canvas phenolic ramjet intakes (36 pieces)
  • 1/4" fore C ring with integrated shock cord attachment system that includes 3/8" tubular Kevlar booster harness
  • 3/16" mid C ring
  • 3/16"aft C ring
  • 3/16" altimeter bay bulkheads with machined step to engage coupler
  • Stainless steel forged eye nuts
  • 4" x 1" switch band
  • 10" long machined phenolic coupler/altimeter bay
  • Altimeter bay includes: (2) aluminum 1/4" all thread rods,
    3 1/2" x 5 1/2" long 3-D printed sled
  • ABS printed tailcone (black)
  • Includes all necessary hardware 
  • Assembly instructions included (does not include motor retainer)

NOTE:  Due to the weight of the booster, we strongly recommend you fly your VTS-6 with a 24" drogue chute.

Note:  You can upgrade your kit with a 4" 6:1 Wildman filament wound fiberglass Von Karman nosecone.

Picture provided by Matthew Slater, CO. of his VTS-6.