MAC Performance Rocketry

What’s in Your Rocket?

MAC Performance Rocketry is pleased to release a new line of kits centered around the latest in airframe technology and innovation. Our kits are designed from a desire to fly something else.


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New New New -- These 3-D printed 9V battery boxes will work with virtually any type Avbay board.  The single battery box will fit airframes 2.6" and up.  The dual box will fit 4" and up airframes. 

Looking for a better way to arm your rocket?  These switches have a positive push on/push off action and a 1/2" diameter easy to locate button.  We've been using them for years. They are available with or without the optional printed switch bridge. Switch bridges fit 3" and 4" airframes. The bridge positions the switch close to the airframe for access through a vent hole.  Stop working in the dark!

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Our canvas phenolic airframes are currently available in 3.0" and 3.9" diameter with an industry standard wall thickness of .063". The tubes are convolute wound with a smooth finish. They are strong, waterproof, and will fly Mach+ with no additional reinforcing.

We use CNC precision to cut three piece centering ring sets consisting of a fore ring with an integrated booster harness attachment system, a standard center ring, and an aft ring with a stepped OD that doubles as a thrust ring against the airframe.  This combination increases strength and reduces weight.  

The coupler/altimeter bays are XX phenolic with a machined OD. Inside the bays are CNC cut standoffs to support the lightweight canvas phenolic electronics board. The bulkheads have a step cut in the OD to provide a precision fit, and all this is held together with 1/4" aluminum all thread rods.


We are proud to carry products from the following Manufacturers:
Aero Pack Retainers, BSI Epoxy, Jolly Logic, Missile Works, Rocketman Parachutes, RocketPoxy G5000, Top Flight Recovery Products & Wildman FWFG Nosescones

Video and Flight Courtesy of Coleman Merchant, Branchburg, NJ