$ 75.95

AEROPOXY ES6209 Liquid High Strength Epoxy Adhesive

Description: ES6209 is a translucent, straw colored, two component epoxy adhesive with a thick, liquid consistency. ES6209 is an excellent structural adhesive for use when good flow and surface wetting are required. Though pourable, ES6209 has a controlled flow viscosity to minimize run-out from the adhesive joint. The 1 to 1 combining ratio by weight or volume makes it easy to measure and mix. The working time of over an hour provides plenty of time to coat and assemble the materials to be bonded.

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS: ES6209 has excellent adhesion to the composite and metal parts typically used in kit plane construction. It also bonds rigid foam, wood, ceramics, fiberglass and most metals with equal ease. When cured, ES6209 provides tough, durable structural joints.

 2 Quart Kit - $75.95

1 - Qt Component A, 1 - Qt Component B 

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