RocketPoxy G5000

$ 12.00


Description: G5000 is a two component filled epoxy with high strength bonds for joining fiberglass and carbon fiber composites with extremely high shear strengths. It also has excellent adhesion to metals, plastics, woods, and ceramics as well. Cures to a very high strength bond that is also nonbrittle to eliminate flexing cracks. Easy to mix 1 to 1 ratio by weight and volume. Mixes to a smooth creamy paste that when applied eliminates drips, sagging, or runoff. Does not require any thickening or strength additives as epoxy is ready to use as supplied. The adhesive cures relatively quickly and can be handled within a few hours. Cures to an easy to paint off white color but pigment can be easily added to provide almost any color desired.

It has excellent mechanical properties, high shear and peel strength, great adhesion, good chemical and environmental resistance, good thermal shock resistance and very low shrinkage. It has low exotherm during cure for filling large mass voids.

Uses: Joining and bonded fiberglass, carbon fiber, composites, any where a high strength non-brittle bond is needed. Great for attaching composite rocket fins, bulk plates, nose cone hardware and especially for professional grade fin fillets.

Mixing and Cure Instructions:

Ratio by weight:     Resin 100 Hardener 100
Ratio by volume:    Resin 100 Hardener 100
Pot life (100 gram mass at 72°F) = 30 to 40 minutes ASTM D2471
Handling time = 3 to 4 hours
Full cure = 6 to 8 hours

Notice: This information is presented to assist the user in determining whether this product is suitable for your intended use. The user assumes all risks and liability in connection therewith. No warranty or representation express or implied shall apply to these products. G5000 is a product of GLENMARC, INDUSTRIES INC.